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             The First Unique Beer bakery Co.  

So you ask....what is  "BEERKERY"?
It's the combination of two great loves, Baked Goods & Crafted Beer!
 The company was founded on 2012 by one crafty lady who has a passion. (check out below "about us")

The baked goods creations are inspired by different types of crafted beer, ranging from a wheat beer to a rich stout. Therefore, I have suggested pairings of beers to complement the sweet delight. It will enhance the flavor in each baked good and enhance the notes of the beer but the experience as well. Our Motto:
                    "It's an unexpected delight!" 

 All of my baked goods uses the freshest ingredients, passion, delight and of course, beer.

Now let's enjoy what comes your way.  But I must warn you...Each baked good is an unexpected delight of flavor, taste and desire for more. 
Let the exploring begin.....
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About Us     

Well, it's simple…..I  Love to cook so I started up a
bakery.   Alright that was too cliché.  But I do enjoy
drinking a good crafted beer while baking good food,
so it was only natural to create what is now know as
a Beer Bakery Company-- the BEERkery Co.
How did it all begin….I give credit to influences in my
life, my french mom & great grandmother. They are
excellent cooks with creative inspirations. Oui Oui!  
Also, my Ecuadorian dad, whose gene in the
scientific area aided in calculations. E=mc2.  
We combined all that greatness (oh yea!) with my
college degree in science and nutrition which then
guided me to establish a base in the food industry. 
It doesn't stop here, goes on, and on and
on and on.  Oh wait, back to reality.   My passion and
courageous creativity to experiment has developed
into a fantastic delight!  Or, I would like to call it,
 "It's an Unexpected Delight!" 


Marie-Chantal Hardy is the founder of the First Unique
Beer Bakery business.  Est.2012
Licensed and Registered and a proud member of NH made.

Online Open for Bake Orders
 Click on the Place An Order tab or call
 (603) 738-0884
 Please allow a 4 day notice. Minimum order of $25
The BEERkery Co.
the first unique beer bakery company
Northfield, NH 03276


All recipes & ideas on website are owned by BEERkery, LLC

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